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Muscle Genes

When discussing the athletic capability of dogs and potential of puppies a great deal of attention is given to structure. Muscle plays an extremely important role in the potential of any athlete and is commonly overlooked when assessing a dog. Scientific American wrote an excellent article discussing muscle from the perspective of human athletes. So I thought I'd post what I consider to be a very informative article about one of our main considerations in breeding.

Dr. Ed Bailey's Gun Dog Articles

Dr. Ed Bailey wrote a series of excellent articles for gun dog magazine that apply to developing the full potential of any dog. The improvement we have found in our puppies after following his guidelines is undeniable.

Giving Pups A Head Start

Why Not Seven Weeks-The Forty-Ninth Day Revisited

Producing Behaviorally Sound Dogs

New Pup Coming-Now What

Dog Talk

Here is a link to some other articles by Dr. Bailey.

Breeder's Resource Center

Here is the address of the best collection of internet links for dogs that I have found on the web.

When To Spay or Neuter

This link takes you to Chris Zink's excellent article.

A review of research studies by Margaret Root-Kustritz, DVM, PhD