For acceleration from a stop or at low speed I prefer Bo’s back that produces a straight forward drive with no pitch problem. Her chest however is short and shallow.

Atom has a roached back which is better for top speed and longer stride lengths but at low speed it creates a problem with pitch which decreases acceleration. Atom has a nice deep, long chest which I do want.

Kishi and Jellybean inherited the flat back and long deep chest, the combination I wanted, as did most of their siblings. This is a predictable and uniform outcome. Crossing dogs that compliment each other results in the offspring having better performance characteristics than either parent. 

These dogs are all around 1/3 Whippet, 1/3 Border Collie and 1/3 Terrier (Border, Jack and Staffy). The randomness you would expect from mixing 5 breeds is displayed in their coat colors for example. This is what I was taught to expect in all aspects of their characteristics, but found balanced structures resulted from selecting for dominance.